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Stefano Boscutti

The future belongs to the brave.

Is your business or brand struggling to generate higher margins and strong, new growth?

Are you stuck trying to come up with new ideas and fresh approaches internally? Frustrated by useless brainstorming sessions that waste time and money (and repeat the same old ideas)?

You know old ideas are holding back your business or brand. Especially now as the coronavirus pandemic begins to ease and the world starts to reset. You need new ideas more than ever.


Lift profits and accelerate growth.

I’m Stefano Boscutti and I create smart new ideas that lift profits and accelerate growth for your business or brand.

I’ve spent 30 years as a freelance creative director helping the likes of Triple J, Porsche, SBS and ANZ grow beyond their wildest dreams. I’ve also written quite a few award-winning novels, screenplays and short stories.

Currently I’m developing smart new ideas for smart, progressive clients who want to change the world. And writing a new screenplay based on the life (and death) of Pablo Escobar.


Create smart new ideas.

Old ideas are holding you back. I create smart new ideas your business or brand couldn’t come up with in a million years.

Smart new ideas that can change absolutely everything.


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