About Stefano Boscutti

Stefano Boscutti is an Australian author of startling short stories, screenplays and novels.

They’re not the same old, same old. They tend to skitter across satire and crash into irony. With more than a few exhilarating twists along the way. (Ambition gone horribly and hilariously wrong seems to be a constant theme.)

Even the journal is a blast to read. With notes and insights, scenes and ideas, reviews and more.

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‘I love fast-paced, ironic, dark comedy.’ Jennifer

‘Scathingly funny. A riot to read and I can't wait for Boscutti’s next book!’ Mike

‘Believable, fast-paced and above all a good gripping read. Highly recommended.’ Markus

‘Some genuinely hilarious and jaw-dropping moments! Loved it!’ Elizabeth

‘Fun and funny.’ Sandy