Agency of Yore

A classic idea for a new advertising agency.

We all love “Mad Men,” right? Love the thin ties, the unbroken colors, the frosted glass.

Agency of Yore is just like that. A new advertising agency with an old school bent. But it goes deeper than aesthetics. It goes to the heart of how a 1960s agency worked.

It doesn’t compartmentalize the various divisions. There’s no below the line or above the line. There’s no pitch from an associated media buying shop. There’s no separate research firm. There’s no silos.

Agency of Yore handles everything from packaging design to point of sale to TV spots. It handles every single aspect of a brand under one roof.

It employs sharp looking people with names like David, Raymond, Leo, William, Rosser. It even employs a real life Baron who wears an eye patch. And some gentlemen who used to work for British Intelligence.

There’s a fleet of silver Rolls Royce sedans to ferry clients around.

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