American fable

Ed Gein was the original psycho killer.

Gein was arrested in Plainfield, Wisconsin, in 1957 after local police found a bunch of human bones buried under the cold snow in his farmyard and an assortment of human skins and female skulls inside his farmhouse.

He murdered quite a few middle-aged women and desecrated more than a few graves to get to the dead bodies. Decapitation, necrophilia, slicing off body parts, keeping organs in jars, fashioning lampshades from human skin. It’s said that after his beloved mother died, he stitched together a woman’s suit from female skin so he could become her, literally crawl into her skin.

Gein’s story was the basis for Robert Bloch’s blockbuster novel “Psycho”. And every serial killer book and movie from here to eternity.

The snares of death, the sorrows of hell.

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