Bill Hicks: Imagery

Some images to sketch and weave into the Bill Hicks screenplay.

+ Speeding sedan tips and crashes over a safety barrier, tumbling through the air as plumes of thick grey smoke billow out.

+ Approaching a doorway of brilliant white light in an empty suburban street.

+ In an open field, rocks levitate and rise around a floating orb of light.

+ Burning sedan plummets off an overpass.

+ Sand encroaches through a derelict house in the desert.

+ In a dark woodland, a thin beam of light shoots down from the night sky straight down to the forest floor. Then another. And another.

+ American Indian elder watches Hicks drive past, a tear rolls down his cheek.

+ Sedan submerged under the waters of a gray lake.

+ Edges of the moon shift and ripple and tear away.

+ Looking up from the bottom of a swimming pool, fallen leaves floating on the surface of the shifting water. Someone steps up to the edge and looks down.

What other images and symbols can be leveraged to show vulnerability, isolation, anger, rage, confusion, disassociation, ego, laughter, acceptance, redemption, rebirth?

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