Bill Hicks: Keep up!

It’s 1993. Bill Hicks is on stage at a comedy club in Chicago, bemused by a female signer who stands to one side, repeating everything he says in sign language.

‘I’m pissed off, you know, watching these fucking military hearings and all these military guys and all these serious pundits and everyone talking about morality.’

Hicks pulls back.

‘Excuse me, aren't you all just hired thugs. You’re mass murderers with accessories. That’s what you are. You're blowing up fucking innocent people all over the world while we form our own Orwellian American fucking new world order. Don’t tell me about your morality, you motherfuckers.’

Hicks prowls. Female signer tries to keep up.

‘Fuck the military, fuck the FBI, fuck the ATF, fuck president Clinton, fuck George Bush, fuck Ronald Reagan, fuck - keep up!’

Signer doubles over in laughter. Crowd laughs and claps and cheers.

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