“Boscutti’s Steve Jobs” Test Scene 3 Hospital

Hmmm, still thinking about that screenplay you’ve been meaning to write?

There’s no better way to see if you have (or haven’t) got something than bashing out a quick test scene. Don’t put too much thought into it. Just get it out so you can look at it in the cold, hard light of your screen.

Like the third test scene below for the screenplay I’m writing on Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs, 53, is in the hallway, wearing a hospital gown, and gripping the back of a chair. His head lolls forward, his breath short, his body impossibly thin.

His right arms spasms. Jobs presses his lips together to stop the muscles shuddering.

NURSE at the station forces a tight smile. Jobs has undergone a liver transplant after his cancer had spread. He is learning to walk again.

His wife, Laurene, presses her hands together.

Jobs pushes the chair down the hallway, counting his steps. Every day he presses a little further.

Today he stops, exhausted. Laurene gets down on her knees and looks into his eyes.

You can do this, Steve.

Jobs eyes widen, lips press into each other.

He tries to press on.

He always tries.

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