Burn, baby, burn

It’s time to take a match to the United Kingdom’s Labour Party.

At the last election, it managed to box itself into an ever-shrinking corner with an unelectable leader spewing unelectable promises.

Incredible as it seems, the bumbling Boris Johnson managed to pitch himself as a man of the people and turn the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party into the workers’ party.

All it took was donning a high-vis vest and some photo ops in a few factories and warehouses. And a simple almost monosyllabic three-word campaign slogan.

What has Labour got left? Sweet fuck all.

They should throw out their charter, shred their manifesto and change their name to the Gig Party.

Britain’s booming gig economy has more than doubled over the past three years and now accounts for 5 million workers.

In the next three years, it will double again to 10 million gig workers.

That’s more than enough to win the next election.

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