Change everything

There’s nothing quite like a pandemic to mess with your sense of time.

Time has been shifting for the past few years. Sometimes it feels like it’s endlessly washing over you. Other times it’s slipping between your fingers.

Hours feel like days and days like minutes. It’s been an odd sensation, often focused on what we’ve lost and what opportunities we’ve missed rather than a new world of future possibilities.

As the current pandemic abates, it’s time to start thinking and planning for the days and months and years ahead.

Some of you may feel resigned to a future out of your control. Others may even feel hopeless.

There’s no time for that. The reality is that the life you’ll be living 10 years from now will largely be determined by what you do from here on out.

The life you’re stepping into is a function of your priorities and decisions.

It’s not out of your hands. It’s completely in your hands.

You have the power to change everything.

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