Defamation suits

Think of the high-profile media defamation trial Bruce Lerhmann lodged against Channel Ten and Lisa Wilkinson as a fashion trial.

Whatever the outcome, in court everyone was dressed for success. As a media adviser, Brittany Higgins was fond of serious-looking pantsuits in black or muted tones. Her - what do you call it - emotional support sidekick and media adviser Emma Webster also favoured dark pantsuits when she wasn’t splashing out in a scarlet red.

Her media adviser boyfriend David Sharaz favoured a timeless well-cut suit in deep, dark navy. Her media mentor Lisa Wilkinson favoured a series of pantsuits in a range of block colours with big, black-framed glasses and a constant, winning smile from ear to ear.

Everyone looked marvellous. Everyone except Lerhmann in his creased and ill-fitting suit and too-narrow red Trump tie.

Guess he needed a media adviser.

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