Defunded and redesigned

Jordan Hall says our social institutions are relics of the past.

We must redesign and replace all of our institutions, and make this decade the most creative and generative in human history.

Time is corrosive and the forces that tend to push all institutions into corruption have been hard at work across every aspect of our social field for decades.

At the same time, the context in which those institutions were born is also far in our past. Both the problems and possibilities of 2020 are very different to those of 1960. What was a good car, phone or computer in 1960 is now a relic. Our social institutions are likewise relics of a past remembered by only the eldest among us. Designed by and for a different age.

It is not stretching the truth to say that effectively all of our social institutions are a bad combination of corrupt and obsolete. Our education system. Our healthcare system. Our food production systems. Our banking and finance systems. Our journalism and science systems. Our political systems.

They are all beyond the pale and they all should be defunded and redesigned.

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