Forget facts

Can you recall The Ten Commandments?

Seriously, all ten? In the correct order? Unless you’re undertaking a doctorate in theology or you’re a priest, you’ll get to about three or four and then peter out. Something something thou shalt not kill, something something thou shalt not take something in vain, something something something.

Now think about Adam and Eve. Can you recall the story?

Of course you can. Everyone can. The first man and woman are frolicking in the Garden of Eden. Life is sweet until God tells them not to ask too many questions and not to seek knowledge and (under no circumstances) eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil. God explains to them that if they eat from this tree they will die. Enter Satan in the form of a snake who convinces Eve that eating from this tree will make her become like God. Eve takes a bite from the forbidden fruit and gives some to Adam to eat. Boom. Original sin is born. Humanity is cast out of paradise forever.

We remember stories.

We forget facts.

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