Foster creativity within a company

Ford urges car designers to talk about anything but cars - movies, music, and travel - to keep them inspired.

Hyundai goes a step further. The Korean automaker tapped Universal Everything to create a series inspiring animations to be played on the company campus outside Seoul. These weren’t traditional advertisements to be played at trade shows but internally focused media, to generate new ideas from within.

Universal Everything took an abstract, logo-less approach to ensure every viewer finds their own interpretations. The clips play in a continuous loop at Hyundai’s Vision Hall, welcoming engineers, scientists, and various workers to entertain new possibilities on an 82-foot-wide screen, displaying a spectacular 16K resolution accompanied by 36-channel surround. (Yes, seeing a car being carved from a solid block by wind is breathtaking.)

Bringing life and human presence to abstract materials creates deeper and far more empathic connections.

It reaches the parts logic cannot reach.

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