Found story

I’m walking among the trees by one side of the library, wondering where stories come from.

On the ground I spot two sheets of notepaper, lined and folded in half. I reach down, pick them up and unfold them.

The paper is dry, weathered. The top sheet is dated from last year and the name Steven is in the top right corner in a childish blue pen. The words below are spaced like a science experiment.

Hypothesis: Things change when they are buried in the ground.

What we need: 1) Glass bottle, 2) Sponge, 3) Texta, 4) Shiny paper, 5) Hard paper, 6) Plastic, 7) Newspaper, Pear.

What to do: 1) We bury them in the ground, 2) Wait one month, 3) Dig them out, 4) Compare them.

Prediction: After one month, you can only see a little bit of the pear or you can’t see the pear.

The word Conclusion is struck out. Then written again. Then the sentence that follows is scrawled in pencil.

The texta is the same, but the pear was disgusting, the paper is in partly, and the newspaper we can’t find it. The plastic is the same.

There’s more written on the second sheet. It’s all in pencil. It’s even got a title.

“Legocity Zombie Invasion”

The sunshine slowly across the window, a new day has begun. “Ding, Ring, Ring, Ding!” The clock was ringing. Fry turned the clock off. “A nice day!” said from Selena excitedly. Fry got off the bed and took a bath. When he walked to the kitchen, Selena was cooking breakfast for him.

When Fry was walking to the car, he saw Selena was standing next to the door and watching him (so sweet). Fry got in to the car and drive it away. Behind the car, Selena was standing there, watching the car, until the car had disappeared in her eyes.

On the road to Lego City, Fry was driving the car. Meanwhile, he is thinking about what he is going to do in his company. But suddenly, a crash stopped his thinking. A bus crashed into a truck, and then two more cars crashed into the bus. People get out of their cars, some are screaming, some a swearing, a teenager walked to the truck, the shadow and the fire covered his face. And then “AH!” A zombie comes out, running to the people standing there.

Where do stories come from? Sometimes they’re just waiting for you to pick them up.

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