You’re adrift in an ocean of darkness.

A primal fear twists through you as the heavens disappear before your eyes. Do you give in to the rising panic? Or marvel at the cosmic transformation?

“Godless” is a short story about the revelations awaiting you.

About the choices you will face.

1,000 words / 4 minutes of transcendent reading pleasure

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‘Courage, dear heart.’ C.S. Lewis 



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It’s a moonless night.

You look up into the endless night sky and see a stream of gleaming satellites ripple under the glimmering stars.

The satellites shimmer and fade and suddenly disappear. Then one by one the stars flicker off, the constellations falter and the cosmos plunge into darkness.

You’re suddenly alone, godless. Lost among the forgotten saints and empty sinners.

The world has slipped into its own shadow. Fear slides up your body and wraps its fingers around your throat. You swallow and feel its fingers tighten.

You catch your breath, your heart double beats, your pulse quickens. Adrenaline increases and raises your heart rate. Cortisol surges through your bloodstream and lifts your blood pressure. Norepinephrine bursts and ricochets through your brain. Your pupils dilate, narrowing your vision. Your fight or flight response kicks in. Your nerves jitter, anxiety swells.

You know at this point you have a choice to make. This choice will make all the difference.

You have to choose between fear and excitement, between terror and elation. Between heaven and hell.

The hormones and neurotransmitters swirling through your body, your blood, your cells are exactly the same. How you feel - whether scared or thrilled - is entirely how you frame the biological and physiological responses in your mind. How you frame the fear.

Fear is excitement in a negative frame.

Excitement is fear in a positive frame.

Think of a roller coaster. Some people spend hundreds of dollars and hours waiting in line to ride the scariest one they can find. While others have a panic attack at the mere thought of going on one. Same ride. Just a different frame, a different outlook. A different outcome.

Alone in the darkness you feel drenched in fear. You close your eyes and you feel fear consume you.

You don’t fight the fear. You feel the cold sweat on your skin, feel your heart pounding. You don’t try and control it, contain it.

You don’t resist the sensations. You move through them, you intensify them. You feel a light shine within you as excitement spreads through your body.

You’re vibrating, trembling with excitement. You smile deep and open your eyes.

And above you the stars switch on, brighter than ever.

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