High as fuck

How do you feel about drugs?

Me? I love them. After all these years and all those grams I still have a soft spot for cocaine. Pharmaceutical grade psychedelics are a godsend. And cannabis is better than ever.

Creative people are curious, adventurous. They want to go where others fear to tread. They need to go that little bit (okay, sometimes a lot) further.

Getting high is a shortcut to transcendence. Often fleeting, sometimes profound.

Don’t say no. Say yes. Kick those doors of perception wide open, storm the heavens.

But keep your wits about you. Use drugs. Don’t let drugs use you. Getting completely fucked up on drugs is a right of passage not a way of life. Getting high as fuck is a waste of time if you don’t do anything with the experience.

Open your mind in ways you never thought possible. Detach unconscious habits. Think anew.

Tune in, turn on, seek out.

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