How the wealthy live

The rich are kind of fun and stupid.

Typically overspending their way through life as a way to compensate for the financial bounty that befalls them.

Some tell themselves it’s all down to hard work. Of course, it’s not. It never is. If hard work is all it took, everyone that works hard would have millions of dollars in the bank.

It’s all luck. The rich were in the right place at the right time and bought the right ticket.

The wealthy? That’s another story. Especially intergenerational wealth. They are born apart from other people.

The wealthy use other people, use the landscape, use the body politic. They inhabit privilege. They shirk scrutiny. Other people are there to profit them.

If other people cannot make them more money, they’re discarded for people who can.

If people can’t do something for them, they’re of no use.

Every moment of life is a transaction.

Even in the silences and the shadows.

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