It hits me like seventeen tons of bricks

I don’t have to worry about making movies.

I don’t have to worry about taking twenty-seven-thousand inane meetings. No more grinning from ear to ear and pitching producers and production companies and agents and studios. No more come-hither to financiers and money launderers. No more assenting to one director after the other. No more taking writing advice from dyslexic actors and other ne’er-do-wells.

No more industrial-entertainment complex. No more casting directors, music composers, costume designers, associate producers, editors, production designers, directors of photography, production managers. No more production departments, art departments, stunt departments, post-production departments. No more departments.

AI will take care of all of that. It will generate all the moving images and all the audio down to the last note. All it needs is the right prompt.

And the right prompt is a well-written screenplay.

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