Mobile is the remote control of our lives

Mobile will be at the center of human evolution for years to come.

Mobile collapses time and distance and is starting to impact every facet of our lives.

From checking emails, paying for tickets, transferring money, taking pictures, watching sports team play, checking commodity pricing, booking restaurants, making conference calls, mobile devices have become an essential tool to help us navigate our day.

We are moving into an era where electronic devices from small tags to giant billboards will have a communication channel that both machines and humans will interact with.

The diverse functionalities of a camera, GPS, wallet, camcorder, gaming device, rolodex, glucometer, scanner, message service, presence and context-awareness will be used to build a multitude of applications and services customized to specific demographics and regions.

When connectivity becomes pervasive, the usefulness of a networked appliance is directly proportional to the nodes it’s connected to and the options it offers.

In the next few years, devices will take different shapes and forms - foldable, extendable, projectable and flexible. We’ll become more accustomed to interacting with the devices with touch, stylus, gesture, and voice.

Increasingly the devices will second guess our wants and needs.

Increasingly the devices will determine how we spend.

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