More equal democracy

Modern representational democracy has major system flaws.

When democracy was first introduced, our population was largely agrarian and more evenly dispersed. People were more evenly represented.

Today more people live in cities than ever before but without any increase in political capital.

The Senate signs off on bills that become law. It’s made up of two senators from each state, regardless of population. So Alaska (representing 700,000 people) has the same voting power as California (representing 37 million people).

Whatever side of politics you think you’re on, this gives disproportionate influence to people essentially not willing to move for their own advancement. Unprogressives, if you will.

It skews backwater thinking as more prominent than it is, feeds incorrect confirmation bias, violates democracy.

It means 7 people have the same power as 370 people. Which is unfair, undemocratic and mathematically impossible.

Moving forward, the political power of elected representatives should be weighted in direct proportion to the number of constituents they represent.

Only then will politics become more equal.

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