My kingdom for a pen

Walking down the street and wondering whether I should start going to the local library to get some writing done free of the usual distractions.

Seems like a good idea. Get there at 10am to beat the rush. Secure a quiet table with good light. Hunker down with the pages and feed the monster.

You’re surrounded by thousands of books. Each with an average of 50,000 words. 20,000 books multiplied by 50,000 words equals 1 billion words. That’s a lot of words whirling about. How hard can it be to channel a few onto the page?

I’m thinking about this and thinking about how the library is at the end of the street and thinking about what writing instrument to take when I spot a pen on the ground. A new Bic multicolored ballpoint pen. Medium points in red, black, blue and green. Bottom half of the barrel in cyan blue, top half and clip in white. There’s even an eyelet on top if you slip a thread through and wear it around your neck. Made in France. Never used.

I take it as a sign.

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