You’re not failing

Sometimes you want to call it quits.

You’re working harder than ever, striving to get ahead. But nothing feels like it’s going your way.

You’ve been struggling for three or four years, struggling to find an identity. You try tactic after tactic without gaining any traction. You try anything and everything.

You try to tell yourself you’re not a failure even though it certainly feels like you are. How can success be so hard?

Take a breath. Take a deep breath. That failure you think you’re feeling is not failure at all. It’s the process.

You’re not failing. You’re building the foundation of something new. Something that didn’t exist before you started.

Failure would be doing nothing. You haven’t been doing nothing. You’ve been doing everything you can.

Building anything takes time. The longer you spend working on the foundations, the more secure it will be. The stronger it will be.

The more successful it will be.

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