Orson Welles: “Citizen Kane” negative criticism

Orson Welles: “Citizen Kane” negative criticism
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Not everyone thinks “Citizen Kane” is terrific.

Film scholar Ray Carney criticizes what he sees as the film’s lack of emotional depth, shallow characterization and empty metaphors. Listing it among the most overrated works within the film community, he accuses the film of being an all-American triumph of style over substance.

Swedish director Ingmar Bergman dislikes the movie, calling it a total bore and claiming the performances are worthless. He calls Orson Welles an infinitely overrated filmmaker.

James Agate thinks the photography quite good but nothing to write to Moscow about, the acting middling, and the whole thing a little dull. Mr. Welles’ high-brow direction is of that super-clever order which prevents you from seeing what is being directed is all about.

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