Overcoming resistance

Steven Pressfield knows resistance is a motherfucker.

And the more important a project or an enterprise is to the evolution of your soul, the more resistance you’ll feel to it.

How does Steven define resistance? It’s the tendency to procrastinate, to listen to self-doubt, to give in to distraction, arrogance, fear, self-loathing. All the things that’ll sabotage your work.

If you are about to embark on a project, a screenplay, a novel, a dance, a symphony, a play, a whatever, and you find yourself overwhelmed by resistance or powerful doubt, that’s a good sign.

Because that means that this project is really important to your evolution, to your growth.

Right now, Steven is at the very beginning of a new project and he’s overwhelmed with self-doubt and confusion and fear.

But he’s telling himself that’s a good sign because it shows him this project is something that really means something to his soul.

That he has to sit down, shut up, and do it.

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