Real imagination

Plato? Plato was an asshat.

Plato’s notions of a centric Republic boil down to a slave-invested hellhole lorded over by high-minded autocrats and blowhards.

A sad, hard place where logic rules supreme and poets and performers, artists and adventurers, are forever banished. Where fiction is seen as folly rather than fulsome truth. Where imagination is dismissed as distraction. (Seriously? Kill me now!)

Aristotle? Aristotle was the truth. Aristotle saw imagination as the foundation of all knowledge. Because imagination creates new ideas and possibilities. New ways of living.

All human problems (and therefore all business problems) are a failure of imagination. Failure to seek new ideas and solutions. Failure of creativity.

Imagination drives creativity in all its mystery and confabulation of colors, shapes, movements, textures, patterns, connections and moire (that last word is an unintentionally correct typo that proves the point).

Imagination can go anywhere and do anything. It’s the golden path to everywhere.

Everything you can imagine is real.

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