Redesigning the business of advertising

Cindy Gallop wants the ad business to reinvent itself from the core.

Speaking at the Changing Advertising Summit she made no bones about the fact the industry is, well, completely fucked and not doing much to change.

Gallop is the former chairman of BBH and founder of IfWeRanTheWorld and Make Love Not Porn and no stranger to kicking against the pricks.

She wants to move the business from making good advertising to making advertising good. Because the future of business is doing good and making money simultaneously. Not by supporting causes to assuage corporate guilt, but a new world order where we make money from doing good.

Build social responsibility into the way we do business on a day to day basis so it becomes a key driver of future growth and profitability.

The business model of the future is shared values + shared action = shared profit (social and financial). Advertising should be leading the way.

The future of advertising is not advertising units but advertising products (with the transaction built into the message).

Creating things of utility and things of value, things that are desirable, things that are helpful, things that are socially beneficial, that are welcomed and that are seen as a force for good.

Things that make life better.

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