Shape the world

Bruce Mau believes it’s time transform the conventional order of things.

Visualize the shift from old world, where design was a subset of business, business a function of culture, and culture happened in a natural context.

Over the last fifty years the capacity to shape the world has so dramatically expanded that design is now the biggest project of all.

The new reality of design is that business, culture, and nature are now design projects.

It’s not about control. It’s about responsibility. We now have such profound capacity to shape the world, to transform the planet, that if we don’t take responsibility for it, we could inflict untold damage.

In fact, we already have. Where we failed to design we designed for failure. All over the world, we were destroying the ecosystems we relied on to sustain us.

We need to go back to design and recover the ecosystems we had previously neglected and destroyed.

This new worldview for design means that responsibility for the welfare of all of life is now our mandate, our challenge, and our inspiration.

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