How to really solve a problem

The best way to solve a problem once and for all is to eliminate it altogether.

Solving a problem at a surface level and not atomizing it out of existence means it will keep returning again and again and again until the end of time. (Of course, solving the appearance of a problem is an excellent way to constantly make money. Masking the symptoms accounts for 99% of the pharmaceutical industry’s profits from $1.5 trillion annual sales.)

Management often throws the same solution to a long-standing problem and wonders why there’s no improvement. Unsurprisingly, they try and manage the problem. Managing problems doesn’t make them go away.

Obvious solutions aren’t the answer. All the logical and sensible solutions have been tried and still the problem exists.

Time for you to step in and look at what’s causing the problem. The answer you’re looking for will be there.

Don’t just solve the problem. Resolve it.

And make it disappear.

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