Three ways to stop taking things personally

Your self-worth depends on you.

Your self-worth doesn’t depend on what others say about you. While such slings and arrows may wound your ego, remember they’re only words. A jumble of letters masquerading as meaning. Usually they say more about the person saying them than you.

Taking such words personally when they’re not actually about you is a little bit ridiculous, yes? Here are three other questions to ask yourself to stop taking things so personally.

1. Ask yourself what else the comments or behavior might mean? Someone not saying hello to you might not mean they’re giving you the cold shoulder or ignoring you. They might just be shy.

2. Ask yourself how an unbiased outsider might see the situation? Remove the ego and you shed an entirely new light on any situation. Being objective makes way for other interpretations, other possibilities.

3. Ask yourself if there might be a glimmer of truth in what’s being said? Turn that glimmer into constructive criticism. Let it shine a path forward.

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