The Brooklyn Brothers

This New York City-based ad agency gets that the future is all about generating audiences and not on selling media.

It’s all about ideas that audiences want to share. Like the New Era’s Alec Baldwin-John Krasinski trash talking smack downs they’ve produced. Clever little spots that don’t need a broadcast buy to reach people.

The Brooklyn Brothers are now expanding to the West Coast, linking up with eight writers and producers whose credits range from “The Office” to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to go one step beyond branded entertainment.

Founder Guy Barnett wants to combine their advertising expertise with Hollywood screenwriters’ storytelling skills to put the brand at the heart of the story - not on the periphery - and build an audience that grows and is sustained over time.

Their roster of talent includes Ned Rice, Mark Goffman, Lester Lewis, Adam Kulakow, Rob Long and Danielle Uhlarik. All sharp writers one the likes of “White Collar,” “The Larry Sanders Show,” “Cheers,” and the upcoming ABC series “The Family Tools.”

Think solid story, fun characters and great writing. For the first time in media history the creative talent no longer needs the suits. The talent is free to generate its own audience.

Fragmentation and time-shifting of media, emergence of user-generated content and the rise and rise of social networking is a blessing not a curse.

Brands can no longer simply buy an audience. They have to earn their own.

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