“The Idea Writers”

Okay, in case you’ve either been really high for the past decade or just coming out of a coma, there’s been quite a few changes in the ad business.

Management consultants like to call it a paradigm shift. More like a paradigm shit fight. The old advertising agency model of buying media on the cheap then prettying up with a little creative and marking it up until the client bleeds is down for the count.

The new realities of the brand creativity business is what Teressa Iezzi’s “The Idea Writers” is all about.

New opportunities for writers who can now push brand narrative to places it’s never been before and actually create something so useful or entertaining that it generates its own audience. Think about that for a moment. Copywriter as media department.

In the past, writing one great headline could launch a brand or start a war. But today’s campaigns are interactive, multi-platform and ongoing, and the copywriter’s canvas is vast. At any given time, a copywriter may be conceiving a video game, writing a TV show, maintaining a Twitter feed, creating a mobile app or an interactive installation or, yes, writing a headline.

The post-digital copywriter is a creator of ideas, a master of craft, a conversationalist and more.

More like an inventor.

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