Three more things I need to say to Joe Biden

Joe, man, are you determined to lose the next US presidential election?

What’s with the anti-Trump stance? We all know the game. We all know the premise. Of course you have to beat Trump. That goes without saying.

But be damned if that bankrupt real estate developer and all his Republican cronies haven’t boxed you and the Democrats into a corner of your own making. You’ve become the Mexican rapists, you’ve become the attackers Trump is defending Americans from. Instead of the attackers flooding into the land of the free from crime-ridden Mexico, you’re now the attackers flooding into the suburbs from crime-ridden and plague-addled cities.

Elections aren’t about politics or policies or politburos. Elections are about people.

People don’t care what you can do. They only care what you can do for them.

1. You’re pitching good. The other side is pitching great. You don’t have to be a genius to see which pitch Americans are going to prefer when they cast their votes.

2. It’s all advertising. It’s not meant to be real. It’s not meant to be the truth (whatever the hell that is). It’s all about the promise.

3. Don’t promise a better future (or some hackneyed Build Back Better slogan). Promise a future where you will slay the monster that is social injustice and upheaval brought about by the Republicans who rob from the poor to pay the rich, who get fat from the sweat of the working class.

Promise to publicly shame and jail every Republican politician who’s put their own interests ahead of the people. Draw a list. Add names.

Smash the upcoming election out of the park. Don’t just win with a congressional seat here and there. Knock the Republicans out of the game.

Win with a massive landslide that will carry you across multiple terms.

And change politics forever, Joe.

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