It’s time for change

Every single crisis the world is facing is ultimately a crisis of leadership.

Our leaders have failed us. Our leaders have slaughtered us at the altar of politics. Our leaders have lied to us and led us into a world of death and despair.

They cannot change their ways. They are incapable - despite the litany of campaign promises to do better - of altering the course of environmental and societal collapse. All they are capable of is playing incendiary politics as the world burns.

We have no hope of changing anything unless we change the people in charge. This is not about spin or better communications. This is not about policy initiatives. This is not about town hall meetings.

This is about a wholesale restructuring of the body politic. Like any market, so-called democratic politics devolves to a two-brand play, a two-party system, a duopoly.

It’s time for change. It’s time to break down all the systemic barriers that stop regular people running for office.

It’s time for a government that actually represents its constituents.

Not ideology, not party affiliations, not power brokers.

A government of the people from the people.

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