Truth in Advertising

An honest idea for a new advertising agency.

You know how no one trusts advertising? How everyone thinks advertising is full of liars and recalcitrants?

Not Truth in Advertising. It’s a new advertising agency where truth rings true. When the work isn’t selling the unabashed truth, it’s calling attention to the lies propagated by campaigns from other agencies.

Think truth well sold. Truth in Advertising is structured like a law firm with partners who are joint owners and associates. They provide counsel for a variety of blue chip clients.

The agency offices are in a high rise in the legal precinct. Interior design is all mahogany panels and warm, glowing light.

It employs people with names like Augustus, Marcus, Atticus, Marius, Abraham, Thurgood, Clarence, Martin, Alan, Louis, Frank, Charles, Mitchell.

Their word is their bond.

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