Welcome to surveillance communism

If you think surveillance capitalism is intrusive, thank your lucky stars you don’t live in China.

China in the the throes of buildings the world’s biggest automatic panopticon. It’s not just cameras. And it’s not pretty.

Family DNA databases, microphones in public spaces with speech recognition, clothes tracking following people around a city through long distance cameras, phone trackers, ethnicity ID analysis and much more. So much more.

You’re essentially a prisoner of the state masquerading as a citizen. Thanks to the Chinese Communist Party you have no individual rights. Not even human rights.

China is promoting a new synthesis of Maoism, nationalism and statism with ideas copied from Carl Schmitt - the notorious German political thinker who helped inspire and forment the rise of Nazism.

It’s the kind of thinking that justifies political murder and a leader’s dictatorial authority as the highest form of administrative justice.

Isn’t it odd we never seem to learn the lessons of history.

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