What does the internet want?

New technology is a funny thing.

It first arrives on the back of an existing technology, hailing superior performance and all manner of future miracles. That’s how it gets in the door.

But once inside it takes no prisoners. It rapidly decimates, absorbs and supersedes the existing technology. Before long the existing technology is the old technology, history.

Take replayable music. Wax cylinders give way to bakelite records give way to vinyl lps give way to 8-track tapes give way to cassettes give way to cds give way to mp3 files and a myriad of digital formats give way to competing platforms as online storage, delivery and replay systems. The message has become the medium.

All media extends the human senses. The newspaper extends vision, the radio extends hearing, the television extends vision and hearing. The internet extends our vision and our hearing and our consciousness. It’s our central nervous system and our mind writ large across time and space.

An entwined network that shows us we are all connected, and we are all equal.

And we are all one.

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