Women in advertising

Sitting down? Ready for some pretty unsettling data regarding women?

  1. Women make the vast majority of purchases in every product sector.
  2. Women are the vast majority of influencers of purchases in every product sector.
  3. Women form the majority of users of social media
  4. Women are the majority of gamers.
  5. Women create the majority of digital personas online.

Yet the majority of people creating advertisements for women are men. In the US, only 3 percent of all creative directors are female.

The majority of people deciding the gold standard of creativity and effectiveness are men.

The majority of the people shaping and leading the future of the industry are men.

Hmmm, ridiculous if it wasn’t so stupid and short sighted. It’s time to redress this outrageous imbalance.

Look at your creative department. If it’s full of boys or  overloaded with lads, do yourself a favor and change it. Bring in more women.

You’ll be happier and you’ll produce better work.

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