You’re not crazy

You’re going this way, you’re going that way!

What!?! Something else just caught your attention! There’s another way!

Wait!! Did someone say squirrels?! Getting through life every which way can feel more than a little crazy.

Everyone tells you to focus. To follow your one true passion, your one true calling (while you shudder and recoil from the possibility of doing the same thing forever).

Relax. There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, there’s a lot right. You’re not and never will be a specialist. You’re a generalist. You don’t see potential. You see potentialities. Many potentialities.

Multipotentiality is the ability and preference of a person - particularly one with strong intellectual or artistic curiosity - to excel in two or more fields. Someone whose interests span multiple areas and disciplines, rather than being strong in just one.

Do these seven traits feel familiar to you?

+ You’re insatiably curious

+ You’re a big picture thinker who solves problems and thinks strategically

+ You’re passionate about multiple topics and interests

+ You’re multi-talented and highly creative

+ You’re an unconventional thinker

+ You’re a non-conformist

+ You’re easily bored

Yes, with so many passions and interests, you struggle to specialise. And yes, you quickly get bored of one subject. But this isn’t a curse, this is a blessing. This is what makes you special. This is your competitive advantage.

This is what sets you apart. This is what you bring to the party.

+ Rapid Learner

+ Growth mindset

+ Strategic thinker

+ Highly imaginative

+ Problem solver

+ Unconventional

+ Very creative

+ Adaptable

+ Curious

You’re not crazy. You’re different. Your brain is wired differently. Revel in it.

The more you try and fit in with society’s expectations, the more you’ll feel left out.

Don’t look for a pre-existing box.

Design and make your own.

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